Strengthening Our Community Together



A Leading Neighborhood Association

We are the united residents of the Valley Palms Neighborhood, and our goal is simple: we want  our children to grow up in a safe and fun environment. We want our neighborhood to be free from violence, where our children are free to choose their own path in life, and achieve whatever they dream. We want to create opportunities for our neighbors to build life long relationships.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. We have over 39 active members, and were officially established as a neighborhood association in December, 2016.



Neighborhood Safety Unit 

The Neighborhood Safety/Services Unit (NSU) is a unique unit within the Santa Clara County Probation Department Juvenile Division. The core components of the NSU include community engagement, leadership development, and violence prevention programming through pro-social activities/services. By strategically partnering with county, city, and community based organizations, the NSU is able to provide leadership training to residents and assist them in identifying meaningful community action goals that improve safety in their communities.


The NSU also provides funding for pro-social activities for both youth and adults residing in its partner communities. Finally, the NSU partners with SLS to ensure youth who are presenting truant and/or at-risk behaviors are linked to pro-social and other violence prevention programs or activities. The NSU is currently operating in two neighborhoods, 95122 and 95020 ZIP codes, both of which were identified through a data driven process reviewing public health and other system data, including crime trends and school suspensions/expulsions.

Project Access, Inc.

Project Access is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization with headquarters in Orange, California and Oakland, California. The mission of Project Access is to be the leading provider of vital on-site health, education, and employment services to low-income families, children, and seniors. Founded in 1999, Project Access is committed to giving low-income families the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty by becoming healthier, further educated, and financially stable.

Project Access currently operates 61 Family and Senior Resource Centers throughout California, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, and Arizona. Our resource centers serve as “one-stop-shop” community hubs that provide low-income families with the resources needed to achieve financial self-sufficiency. This unique model of service delivery allows Project Access to directly impact the lives of hard to reach pockets of underserved, impoverished families within in their own backyards. In 2016, Project Access’ programs served 14,000 people.



Synthetic Soccer Field Project

Soccer is a way of life at the Valley Palms neighborhood. We will be working to transform the existing tennis court located on the apartment grounds, into a synthetic turf field. The space will not only be used for soccer, but for neighbors to meet, hang out and get to know each other. The total estimated cost of construction is $100,000.



San Jose, CA, USA

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San Jose, CA, USA